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Other applications Discuss about using the BigBrain data for purposes other than scientific research or clinical applications. Visualisation Discuss interfaces, existing software and tools for viewing very high resolution images. Exchange views and results on experimenting with augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality… Access / Transfer This category is for general postings of notes, questions and tips about data (all BigBrain releases) and metadata access, transfer, file management and properties. Data providers and data hosts can also be discussed here. Processing Questions related to image processing such as (histological) slice repair and alignment, registration, automatic pre- and post- processing pipelines can be discussed here. Annotation / Segmentation Use this space to post notes and tips / tricks about annotation and segmentation using tools such as Display, Atelier3D (A3D), MRICro/n, ITK-SNAP, etc. (and Photoshop…)
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