BigBrain subject gender

Dear all,
I’m working on the BigBrain project’s resources. I need a clarification about the gender of the 65-year-old subject who was used to create the model.
Indeed, the 65-year-old individual is described as a female in the paper “BigBrain: An Ultrahigh-Resolution 3D Human Brain Model” (Amunts et al., 2013) and a male in the paper “BigBrain 3D atlas of Cortical Layers: Cortical and Laminar Thickness Gradients Diverge in Sensory and Motor Cortices” (Wagstyl et al., 2020).
Thanks for your time!


The correct gender is male. The original issue of the 2013 paper which described the brain as female was mistaken. It is my understanding that even the 2013 paper has actually now been corrected to male (circa 2015):

Thank you very much for the answer.