A3D User Manual - please post notes/tips

  • Perhaps we can use this space for people to provide notes, tips/tricks on using A3D for segmentation, as we work towards generating a user-friendly manual to be incorporated into A3D’s Help Menu?
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Indeed! Not only A3D but other tools as well (e.g. Display) - and later we could create subfields for the different annotation tools.

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As per discussions between Sherri and Claude:

To annotate in 3 planes: extract the contours in 3 planes.
Please add to the A3D user manual: software should inform the user when an illegal step is taken. In this case, when you click on tri-planar annotation, it should tell you what to do, like to extract contours in 3 planes.

Thank you for sharing, Sherri!
@monaomid: we should add details regarding this in the wiki.

Hello! I would like to use A3D to visualize BigBrain. I’ve found the GitHub repo, but I can’t find installation instructions or documentation. Could you kindly point me in the right direction? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Navona!

For A3D you can email @louis.borgeat and @philippe.massicotte directly, or visit the BigBrain Project website Tools & Services page for online alternatives (siibra explorer, e.g.).