Recent additions to BigBrain Release 2015 (latest)

Latest cortical layer segmentations (Konrad Wagstyl and colleagues):
Apr 4, 2019:

  • Layer_Segmentation/* : Layer segmentation data for Konrad Wagstyl’s paper:
  • Layer_Segmentation/2D_Sections : the 6 cortical layers in BigBrain
    histological voxel space; contains
    minc and png for coronal sections
    only at this time
  • Layer_Segmentation/3D_Surfaces : surfaces of the 6 cortical layers,
    left and right, 655362 vertices/
    1310720 triangles per side, in
    BigBrain histological space
  • Layer_Segmentation/Histological_Profiles : n/a
  • Layer_Segmentation/Manual_Annotations : the 6 cortical layers manually
    annotated on selected 2D coronal
    sections of BigBrain; used as
    training data for the automated

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